Energy efficiency

Tesla Smart House system can cut the spending of electric energy by 50%. Lights, air-con and all other appliances are automatically managed, turning on and off depending on the time of day, temperature, motion sensors, doors and windows detectors and electricity rates.

Your comfort comes first

Tesla Smart House is a modern system that adapts to your needs, expectancies and lifestyle. Use it to remotely control temperature, lights, TV, heater, window blinds and much more.

Safe and sound in your home

Tesla Smart House system has the most advanced security features. Fingerprint scanner an pin lock, video surveillance, night vision camera, motion sensors, SMS alarms, fire and flood sensors, all available via your phone. It’s independent from appliances and designed to be used without any safety hazards caused by user mistakes.

About Tesla Smart Systems

We are developing top quality advanced technology systems that adapt to the needs of the environment. Our team consists of international software engineering and electronics experts. Our goal is to bring top quality affordable systems providing energy efficiency, quality of life and home security for everyone. We provide 5 years warranty and our service centers are in Belgrade, Budva and Podgorica providing quick response time for any interventions.

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